Sunday, September 7, 2008

TALK2ME: tax policy center, fannie mae and freddie mac

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Come on people, Talk2Me about taxes. I keep hearing McCain supporters say that Obama wants to raise your taxes. But report after report from non-partisan analysts say otherwise. The latest comes from the Tax Policy Center. Its report, released today, says that Obama's plan "would provide the greatest tax relief to middle-class families, while the McCain plan provides the greatest tax relief to the wealthiest families." Pretty much what ALL of the other studies done in the last few months have concluded. So, I suppose if you are incredibly wealthy, then your taxes will be higher under Obama, but of course few of us are. Since we are fighting two wars, borrowing billions from communist nations, millions of our countrymen are going without health care, fannie mae and freddie mac are having to be bailed out, and care for our awesome veterans goes unfunded, I really don't think that it is unfair to ask those who have benefited the most from living in this great country to kick in a few extra bucks.

What do you think?

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