Friday, September 5, 2008

MY OWN WAY: caribou barbie, walter reed middle school, heart barracuda

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Nicknames like caribou barbie and McSame are interesting, but did you know that Walter Reed Middle School and heart barracuda (song by the band Heart) both got unwanted attention at the RNC? It seems the photo behind McCain was supposed to be the military hospital, but was instead the middle school (in North Hollywood, CA) of the same name. OOPS! And the song Barracuda being played after the speech violated copyright laws. Apparently the mccain speech ratings were through the roof anyway.

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ourwwworld moderator said...

Nice play, with some caveats -

1. you need to find a way to repeat the name of your play in the first sentence.

So you might say:

from my part of the world I see this my own way - nicknames like caribou barbie and McSame are interesting, but...

2. Don't reference the state. Mention of a city is ok, just leave out the state.)